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July 16, 2013


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Those SAHMs are pretend! :) Being at home is exhausting; especially with twins. To encourage you, life gt easier when Jamesy was 18 months as Andrew was 3. Hang in there! :)


I was just about to write something supportive when Keila started shrieking from her crib (again). Honestly Kristyn, I am in awe of you. How you manage 3 so well is beyond me; I can barely manage my one! I do understand the being lonely bit....sadly it seems to be an international thing! And yeah, those perfect SAHM's aren't real. Or if they are, I'd like to smack them. (Just joking...kind of). Any time you're feeling down and overwhelmed, let me know and I'll send you a picture of whatever state of decay our house is currently in. May not help with being lonely, but I'm sure it will make your grass (and house) look a lot greener! =)

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